About Swell Décor

Swell Décor is an Interior Design Studio offering assistance for a variety of needs from single room projects to complete home renovations. Our work is not dictated by one particular style. We prefer to use what is important to our clients to make every home individually designed. The beauty is in the mix of furniture and accessory placement, color selections and implementation of an elegant, yet comfortable living space. Our design philosophy centers around the idea that a welcoming home is collected over time, not decorated overnight.

Services We Offer

We require a 75% deposit on invoices before ordering. Shipping, delivery and installation fees are invoiced at the end of the project.

Fluff Package

If all you need are a few suggestions, accessories and fluffing before an event, big or small then this package is perfect. We are happy to provide a House Doctor/Fluffing Service. Let us come in with a fresh eye and create an atmosphere your home deserves. A consultation is required to see the space. Starting at $450

Flip Flop Package

Sometimes, to create a fresh new look, you own most of the elements already. Consider letting us look at your options in switching your existing spaces around then filling in with a few of our Swell suggestions. A customized and unique design can often be achieved by revisiting the use of your living spaces and how they may be better served. We will work with your must keep items, help you decide about ones in question but most of all, help you shed a new light on the things you love. Starting at $850

Retail Therapy

This is a DIY service that gives you our professional assistance without you making the mistakes. A plan is constructed to design a space with retail items you have access to so that you can purchase on your own. Starting at $795.

Full Interior Design

Pamper your home with two interior designers. We will create an individualized design plan for your home to your desired budget. $150 per hour.