How To: Cherish Your Chairs


How To: Cherish Your Chairs

It’s that time of year where you want to come home after a busy day and just curl up in a comfy chair to relax. But let’s be honest, that’s true for anytime of the year… it just sounds cozier on a chilly Fall afternoon. Since the recent time change everyone around my house is feeling a little more tired and could use a cozy chair to enjoy a cat nap or cuddle with the kids. If you’re like Merrin & I, each of our homes has a number of seating areas but there is always that one spot that seems to call your name – that one chair in the house that makes you feel the most comforted & at ease. We hope you are reading this in your special spot! But just because it provides the best comfort doesn’t mean it should slack on style. Have you ever sat on a gorgeous piece of furniture & loved it but you couldn’t see yourself ever calling it “your cozy seat”? Well we always try to make sure our clients have the best of both worlds with your furniture – style and sufficiency.

Here are just a few of our favorite styles of chairs!


Image Credit: www.houseofjadeinteriorsblog.com


Image Credit: www.andersonandgrant.com


Image Credit: apartment34.com


Image Credit: coolinteriordesignideas.tumblr.com (via Pinterest)


Image Credit: Instagram.com – studiomcgee (via Pinterest)


Image Credit: apartment34.com


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