The Dog Days of Summer – According to Swell


The Dog Days of Summer – According to Swell

As we approach the end of Summer we realize that the days are getting shorter, weather is becoming cooler, and kids are transitioning back to school. But what about our furry friends…? Whether you refer to your dog as a K-9 kiddo, oversized (or actual) lap dog, a member of the family, or a plain ole pet – do you ever wonder what they think of summer time life? I’m sure many long haired dogs are grateful for the hot ‘dog days’ of summer soon coming to an end. But what actually are the “dog days” of summer?

According to a National Geographic article by Becky Little, the most common use of the phrase is referring to it being so hot that even dogs would just lie around panting all day. But the true origin comes from the ancient Greeks and Romans. They thought of the constellation Canis Major as a dog chasing Lepus, the hare. The dog star was named Sirius and when the star would rise just before the sun in late July it was an indicator that the hottest days of the year were soon to come.

Now that you have read your short history lesson for the day, you can see the ‘dog days’ of summer according to Swell & what we love the most about displaying dog decor in the home. There is actually an array of dog decor styles; from classy wallpaper, to delicate dog paintings, and even one of our favorite Swell Décor girls bedroom with a fun black & white accent wallpaper. We hope you enjoy our picks & love on your furry friends a little extra today!

B&W Dog Painting

Image Credit: dianelikesart.tumblr.com / via ill-mannered

Love, love, love this adorable boston terrier painting from Hautelook.com.

Elise dog wallpaper

Image Credit: Swell Décor Design

This is the cutest b&w wallpaper print from Stroheim! This look is girly & elegant with the lilac walls and white dresser.

black and white bathroom

Image Credit: barkpost.com

In moderation, this Melbourne based Adelaide Bragg interior design wallpaper is subtle & classy, which makes a great statement piece for this bathroom or any room in your home.

blue dog wallpaper

Image Credit: www.designsponge.com

“Dog Park” in blue by Julia Rothman wallpaper for Hygge & West brings beautiful blues for this pup to feel at home snooping through its’ treats.  P.S. – 100% of the profits go to dog shelter charities.

green greyhound

Image Credit: www.designhunter.co.uk

For a more sophisticated look you can go with this Schumacher diamond dog greyhound wallpaper, which was adapted from a 1950s had print.


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