January 26, 2022

A Bar Cart For Every Individual

As we entered into 2022, we couldn’t help but reflect on how much our lifestyles have changed in the last two years. We have had to adapt our lifestyles so that our favorite things and pastimes can still be a big part of our lives even if we are living in the “staycation” mindset. And with that being said, one huge shift we are seeing in home decor is the incorporation of a bar in the home. 

Most everyone in the past two years has enjoyed not having to get all dressed up to enjoy their favorite cocktail because when you have your own bar setup and your favorite cozy slippers Club Living Room doesn’t sound like a bad idea. (;

The best part about this new trend of home bars is the uniqueness in the set up. Bar carts have been popular for years, but now that they are becoming a part of so many peoples lifestyles. New designs and materials are being used to speak to everyone’s needs and wants. They are designed to flow with your home decor or to stand alone as a statement in a room. Below we have found some of our favorite trending bar carts for every individual. 

A bar cart for the femme chic individual:A bar cart for the industrial individual: 

A bar cart for the individual with a small space: A bar cart for the eclectic individual:

A bar cart for the individual who wants elegance and storage:

A bar cart for the minimalist individual:A bar for the individual who wants hidden storage:
There is a bar cart for everyone out there. Contact us if you see any that you like…who knows, one could end up in your own home!

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