July 7, 2022

The Heart of the Home

After a lot of time spent at home in the past few years and living in our current world climate, it seems as if all we need these days is a safe space to come home to. In light of this, the heart of the home has quickly become the kitchen. We share meals in the kitchen, bake treats with our families and friends, and have memorable conversations while doing so. We need these spaces to serve us functionally but also be aesthetic enough that it feels like an escape from the outside world. 

We have realized that we may need extra space to hold our new mixer or a hidden drawer for paper towels to save space. We may need a garage cabinet door to cover our appliances because we crave beauty in our commonly used space. We may take it farther even and add sculleries to hide all the mess that usually partners with kitchen prep. And some people’s functional kitchen involves small updates like switching the pulls for knobs or vice versa to help those with tactile disabilities. Or painting the cabinets a fun emerald green, because the white kitchen is just too much to maintain. 

The options are endless but from what we are seeing as common kitchen trends, is that people are beginning to combine function and form to create kitchens that satisfy any need beyond the basics. It’s all about how we can eliminate any clutter from our safe spaces to make the world we live in just a bit easier every day. 

Below we have selected some designs that are combining function and beauty to create timeless kitchens that inspire us through our design process.







Be sure to check out last months blog on stone differences if you are planning to update your kitchen anytime soon after reading this post(: 

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