September 6, 2022

10 Reasons to Hire a Designer

So you’re thinking about hiring an interior designer but you have some hesitation about whether or not it’s worth it. You may be thinking that you totally have it under control and are a DIY master. But what happens when you hit a problem in the renovation or you just can’t find the perfect shade of gray for your sofa you have been saving up for? That’s where an interior designer can save you, literally. Whether you are on the fence about hiring a designer to help in your project or you’re just curious what we can actually do for you, below are 10 reasons why hiring an interior designer is better than doing it yourself.

  1. Designers save you money.

No room for costly mistakes here. Designers make sure your project is done right the first time with their trained knowledge and skills of the industry.

  1. Designers save you time and energy.

No more scrolling endlessly online shopping. No more staring at the wall of paint swatches at the hardware store. No more second guessing the size of the light fixture in the store. Designers have you covered.

  1. Designers know how to space plan a furniture layout.

We have the tools and resources to digitally or by-hand lay out your space according to dimensions of the room and furniture selected.

  1. Designers will help you define your style.

It’s so easy to get caught up in an endless cycle of inspiration from pinterest and instagram, but what do you truly like for your own home? It’s designers’ jobs to layer in colors and textures that you may have never known you wanted by helping you figure out your style. A lot of designers have different methods, we like to use a questionnaire and to get to know you personally.

  1. Designers can change how you function in your home.

Designers can create new, more efficient ways for you and your family to function more easily in your home. This can include different walkways, better access points to outlets or light switches, a newly designed cabinet system for more storage, a better focal point to the TV from the sofa, and much more.

  1. Designers can help you increase the sale value of your home.

In this market, in order to sell your home the interior cosmetics need to be in top shape and designers can provide their insight on how best to spruce up your home before selling.

  1. Designers can customize.

Not liking what you’re seeing in stores? Maybe you can’t find the perfect fabric for your drapes or the perfect rug. Designers have the resources to customize furniture, drapery, rugs, and much more not only to make sure your space is unique, but also to ensure that you are getting a design with everything that you want.

  1. Designers know where to find the best quality products.

Designers also have trade resources that tend to be much higher quality furniture fabricators than what you would find in your local retail store. This can ensure you will always get long-lasting, quality furniture.

  1. Designers know what to look for.

Designers know whether or not you may need performance fabric on your furniture or a performance rug if you have pets or kids and they know what materials to specifically look for. Designers know how to add more light into your space when recessed cans are all that came with the house. Designers know what to avoid during the renovation process and they know what to use instead. Designers just know.

  1. Designers make it easy for you.

We become your personal project manager during the entire process. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you are within budget or staying on schedule with the project. We take care of ordering, tracking, and vendor communication. You choose the design and sit back while we manage the rest.

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