October 5, 2022

Easy Ways to Update for Fall

It’s now October and the temperatures are dropping. That means less time outdoors and more time inside…staring at our interiors. We learned during quarantine in 2020 that staring at the inside of our much needed updated spaces can be a bit daunting. The start of fall can spark a similar feeling. Below I have listed simple ways you can update your home that will make spending more time indoors as it gets colder just a bit more bearable.

  1. Bring out your softest throw blanket and drape it over the top corner of your sofa for an elevated, curated look. Choose a throw that coordinates with your color palette and has a nice luxurious tough for when you cuddle up with it.
  1. Upgrade your bedding! We spend so much time in our bedrooms, why not update your bedding to something super cozy and comfy
  1. Swap out your pillows. Want a whole new color palette for the changing season? Pillows can do that for you! 
  1. Bring your fresh herbs indoors. A pop of greenery and a rosemary sprig inside my cocktail, sounds heavenly to me!
  1. Add your broken-in wood cutting boards to your kitchen counters or leaned up against your backsplash. A year round favorite that can give you the perfect warmth you may be looking for in the fall.
  1. Invest in new hardware. Changing out kitchen or bathroom knobs and pulls can be a game changer when updating your space!
  1. Organize, organize, organize! Nothing makes me feel more refreshed than knowing everything I own is in its rightful place and nothing screams like a new season like organizing your life does!

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