November 7, 2022

Dressy vs Casual?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether we want our home to be more dressy or casual. Sometimes we want a mix where our dining rooms are more formal but our family room is cozy and inviting. There are some fine tune ways to figure out whether you are primarily a dressy person or a casual person. First thing that always comes to everyone’s mind is the way they typically dress. Do you often find yourself reaching for your favorite pair of lululemon leggings and sneakers to run errands or are you putting on your favorite dress and sneaker combo to visit the mall? If you choose athleisure instinctively, then you are probably more casual. If you can’t leave the house without your hair done and a dose of your favorite earrings, then you’re probably a bit more dressy!

Now how do we achieve the dressy vs casual look in our homes?

If you were dressy…

  • Incorporate more family heirlooms and antiques
  • Lots of velvet and embroidery 
  • Stick to more jewel tones in your color palette, deep emeralds, maroons, teals that will give richness to your space
  • You like a lot of drapery and that drapery is probably made of velvet or silk

If you were casual…

  • Organic is your middle name. Lots of plants, textured woods, and soft silhouettes
  • You like a nice soft linen that makes your space look lived in
  • Lots of neutrals. Creams, browns, and greys.
  • Opt for more natural lighting

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